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Being a girl who loves all things fashion and style, I easily get caught up in who is wearing what and how I can put together the trendiest outfit. I admit, I have a passion for the material things of this world but I also have a love for something bigger. I’ve learned that material things alone can not make you happy (notice, I said alone) but instead will leave you searching for the next trend and the next big sale to fill the constant “want” in your life. That’s where my other passion steps in to fill the void that only something deeper, something bigger, can. That’s when I’m reminded of relationships that look past the material items and into the heart. This blog is about searching from the inside–>out. It embodies the latest fashion trends but also the deepest desires and questions of the heart. This blog is raw with thoughts, emotions, and questions that fill my heart and soul throughout my every day life. This is life from the viewpoint of a young woman growing into herself while striving to find balance between the world and the things beyond it.


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Brooke Burkett